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About Us


The Ecstasy Hub is a volunteer based organization working in the area of environment, Zero Waste and towards enhancing the learning experiences of less privileged children by revamping anganwadi. It all started in May 2017 with a pure passion to do some great work beyond ourselves and contribute to the society and environment.

TEH (The Ecstasy Hub) wants to give a new face to philanthropy with it's monthly events, where we don't just do environmental work but also make new friends, share great experiences and brainstorm for some ecstatic work. We want to build a community of socially responsible and fit individuals who wants to find ecstasy in life through social work. At The Ecstasy Hub Foundation we believe in the power of unity, and are convinced that only a people’s movement can eradicate the environmental issues that we are facing.

With the help of our various fund raising events, TEH works to revamp the Anganwadi (pre-schools) in and around Pune. There are approximately 500+ such Anganwadi which require serious help and attention. The revamping work helps them to give a fresh look and eventually attracts more and more kids to conduct their education. We want to give the best experience to a children for their first exposure to education.

What We Are Upto

And this is not possible without YOU

Organize Ecstatic Events

Our events are conducted on every first weekend of the month, which are not just inclined towards better environment but is also a great way to meet new personalities.

Revamp Anganwadi

Help us give an underprivileged child an amazing first experience of education.

Develop A Zero-Waste Community

With the havoc created by poor waste management, TEH dreams to become a Zero-Waste Community.

Inculcate Social Responsibility

We want to give a new face to philanthropy which is not just a responsibility but fun and ecstatic as well.

Plant Maximum Trees

We can live a year more with planting a tree more. Want to have a tree with your name? Then contact us and we will tell you how.

Build a TEH Force

A community that is socially responsible and urges to contribute beyond themselves.

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Work So Far

One year of TEH

Looking back to what we achieved in a year is difficult to explain in plain words. From 6 volunteers for our first event, we are now a team of 70+ volunteers. TEH could connect like minded people to conduct some ecstatic events that impacted the society and environment to a considerable extent and was successful at bringing smiles to hundreds of people.

We have conducted more than 12 events addressing various environment issues. From clean up drives to Zero waste workshops we have successfully laid a foundation for many more world class environmental events to conduct in future. TEH got featured thrice in multiple newspapers (Pune Mirror, Mid-Day Mumbai and Sakal) and hey, we have just started. The best is yet to come!!!✌️😁

Our Upcoming Events

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January 2019


Cycle Rally

February 2019


Zero Waste Workshop

March 2019


Cleanup Drive

April 2019


BoW workshop

May 2019


Flash Mob

June 2019



July 2019


School Workshop

August 2019


Cleanup Trek

September 2019


Zero Waste Workshop

October 2019


Cycle Rally

November 2019


Donation Drive

December 2019


Cleanup Walkathon

Disclaimer - With everyday developments and on-going brainstorming, there might be slight changes into the event theme and dates. Kindly connect to our Facebook page to stay updated.

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